Our Orchids
About Orchid Life Nursery
Orchid Life's portfolio includes 70 to 80% preferred high quality white Phalaenopsis orchids with at least 10 open flowers and flower buds on each spike. Purple, pinkish-stripe, pink, dark-pink, raspberry, gold, yellow, and other select color Phalaenopsis orchids offer customers several varieties to choose from for different holidays and occasions.

Please contact Jereme in our sales office at 713-470-7269 or via email at sales@orchidlifenursery.com if you want us to bring samples to your place of business or if you have any other inquiries about our orchids. You may also contact us via our website at www.orchidlifenursery.com.

Orchid Life Nursery
17310 Kitzman Road
Cypress, Texas 77429-1207

Office: 281-255-2580
Fax: 281-255-3581
CEO - Chris: 713-470-7268
Sales - Jereme: 713-470-7269
Beauty through Blooms
Our mission is to produce high quality blooming Phalaenopsis for the Houston metropolitan area.
Our nursery, equipped with environment-controlled greenhouses, provides advanced orchid cultivation conditions to guarantee the production of elegant orchids to satisfy the Houston area florists' demand for blooming Phalaenopsis year round.